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India has a rich history of creating various games, including Chaturanga (early chess), Pachisi (ludo), Nondi (hopscotch), and Teen Patti, similar to poker. Among these, Andar Bahar is also a distinctively Indian game. Andar Bahar game shares similarities with Dragon Tiger, Casino War, and even Baccarat. However, game is arguably more straightforward than all those games. At heart, it’s a simple game of chance and one which is popular at online casinos as both a live dealer game and an RNG (random number generator) release. Andar Bahar is the type of card game that is suitable for all players, irrespective of experience. It makes for a great introduction to Indian online casino games, and we’re going to look more closely at it here today. Join us as we explain the origins of Andar Bahar, how it is played, and how you can win. We’ll talk about variants and provide top tips for betting on the game. Let’s dive straight into this game guide by looking at how Andar Bahar works.

What is RNG ?

RNG stands for “Random Number Generator.” In games, RNG is a system or algorithm used to produce random numbers or sequences. These random outputs introduce an element of chance into games, determining outcomes like:

  1. Loot Drops. In many video games, especially role-playing games (RPGs) or online multiplayer games, when a player defeats an enemy or opens a chest, the rewards they receive are often determined by RNG. This means two players might defeat the same enemy but receive different rewards.
  2. Spawn Points: RNG can determine where and when enemies or resources appear in a game.
  3. Random Events. Some games have events that might or might not happen based on RNG, such as encountering a rare creature or experiencing a surprise event.
  4. Procedural Generation: Games like “Minecraft” or “No Man’s Sky” use RNG to create vast, unique worlds every time a new game starts.
  5. Game Mechanics: In some games, actions like attacking an opponent might have a chance-based critical hit rate determined by RNG.

RNG makes games unpredictable and fun, but it can also frustrate players when they feel unlucky.

Basics of Andar Bahar Online

Today, cards are the only real medium used to play most Andar Bahar games. There are variations out there that differ. For example, some Indian variants allow players to discard the deck if they aren’t happy with it and reshuffle. Most don’t permit this, though. However, in almost all cases, a 52-card (standard) deck is used.

How to Play Andar Bahar ?

Some players say that Andar Bahar is like baccarat. It is true that in baccarat, you are betting on which side (the banker or the player) will win.

In Andar Bahar, you’re betting on the left hand or the right hand. However, baccarat permits you to bet on draws, and Andar Bahar does not. Furthermore, the way the games are played, and the winners are determined are wholly different. Andar Bahar is a typical high card betting game. This makes it ideal for beginners with little to no experience in gambling. There are precious few strategies or tactics you can use in this quintessential game of chance. Luck is the deciding factor. This makes it an uncomplicated, straightforward option for players at Indian casinos. A typical Andar Bahar card game can be played for fun and without stakes. However, there’s far more excitement to be had with Andar Bahar real cash games. Let’s start there and explain how the game works in a step-by-step guide.

Game mechanics

Step 1: Picking A Winner

You’ll need to pick your winner before the game gets started. Andar Bahar is a game of two sides. The first of these is Andar (translated from Hindi as “inside”), while the second is Bahar (outside). Another way to look at this is that Andar refers to the left-hand side of the deck, while Bahar can be called the right-hand side of the deck. As mentioned, you’ll need to pick which side of the deck will win. You will then place your bet accordingly. Each table will usually have defined limits, so ensure that your bet falls between those limits. As with any game, some tables offer high-limit betting, and most don’t.

Step 2: The Deal and Joker Card

Once your bet has been made, game begins. The deck is shuffled and a card will be drawn. This is known as the Joker Card. This is the card that your chosen hand is going to need to “match” to win. It is often positioned between the two sides, so it is clear for everyone to see.

Step 3: Andar or Bahar

With the Joker Card established, cards are then drawn, one by one, to both the Andar and Bahar sides. Ordinarily, the Andar hand receives the first card, followed by the Bahar hand. It is worth noting that in some games, the dealer may mix things up by drawing to the Bahar side first. Given that this can impact the probability of success and your odds, you’ll need to make a note of which hand is going to get the first card before you bet.

Winning When Playing Andar Bahar at Casinos

In the Andar Bahar game, cards are drawn to two sides: Andar and Bahar. Players guess which side will get a card matching the Joker Card’s number. The card’s suit doesn’t matter. For example, if the Joker Card is an Eight of Diamonds, and the Bahar side gets an Eight of Spades, that’s a win. Winning is mostly based on luck. The first card usually goes to the Andar side, giving it a slight advantage, so it’s not a pure 50-50 chance game. This affects potential payouts.

Winning formula Andar Bahar

Assuming you bet on a winning Andar hand, then you can expect to receive 0.9:1 in prizes. However, as it has less of an edge, successful Bahar hands will pay 1:1. For those interested in probability, there is a 51.5% chance that the winning hand will fall on the Andar side. This drops to 48.5% for winning Bahar hands. As you might imagine, there’s precious little in the way of strategy involved in Andar Bahar.

However, you could claim that the Andar Bahar winning formula comes down to which hand receives the first card. As mentioned, this will almost always be “Andar”. However, some games mix things up, using the colour of the Joker Card to determine which side receives the first card. In these instances, it is Andar if the Joker Card is black, and naturally, Bahar will receive the first card if the Joker Card is red. As these rules aren’t customary to most games, it is important for you to understand the rules your game uses before you wager on it. There are times when you can magnify the payouts you can receive, and this occurs through side bets. Yes, even the seemingly simple Andar Bahar game can feature side bets. However, while side bets increase the amount of online Andar Bahar cash prizes you can win, the odds of success rapidly decrease. Let’s explore the two most common side bets below.

Side Bets: Joker Bet

The Joker Bet is an Andar Bahar side bet which makes use of the value on the Joker Card. Obviously, you’re going to need to place this bet before the Joker Card is drawn.

  • If you bet that the Joker Card will be a 2 through 7, or a 9 through Ace, you can win 1:1, with a 46.15% chance of success.
  • However, eights offer an 11:1 payout and a 7.69% chance of success.
  • Alternatively, you can bet on the Joker Card being a red or black card, to win 0.9:1 (with a 50% chance of success) or on a specific suit. The latter offers a 25% success rate and prizes of 2.8:1 if you’re correct.

Side Bets: Range Bets

In Andar Bahar, you can place a side bet called the Range Bet, where you guess how many cards will be drawn before a match. The payouts and chances vary.

  • For example, guessing 1-5 cards gives a 3:1 payout with a 23.8% win chance.
  • While guessing 41+ cards offers a 120:1 payout but only a 0.79% win chance.

There are other side bets, but they’re less common and might be specific to certain game versions.

Many online casinos offer bonuses, and while they might not be specific to Andar Bahar, you can often use them for this game. But always check the bonus terms, especially if they apply to Andar Bahar, before using them. Everyone loves a good bonus, but it’s essential to understand the rules.

Exploring Andar Bahar Variants

It isn’t just side bets or varying hands receiving the first card which can spice up Andar Bahar gameplay. There are several variants out there, which are either deviations from and forks of the Indian game or other closely related table games. If you have a thing for Indian Bahar, then it’s a fair bet that you might be interested in trying your hand at some of these other variants. Let’s walk you through the basics of how each works right here.

Casino War

Casino War has many similarities with Andar Bahar in that you are once again betting on one side to win – in this case, it is the player versus the dealer. However, you’re not looking to “match” a Joker Card here. Instead, you’re looking to bet on which side lands the highest-value card. Furthermore, if there is a tie, a third card (War Card) is drawn to determine which side wins.

Football Studio

Football Studio is a game which is essentially the same as Casino War. Of course, it has a football theme which helps it appeal to sports fans at Indian betting sites. This time, you’re betting on the Home or Away side to land the highest-value card. However, this game can facilitate ties (draws), giving you a third option to bet on.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is the Chinese equivalent of Andar Bahar, but it uses eight 52-card decks, making it a lot more challenging. Once more, the highest card wins, so it has more in common with Casino War than the Indian game. However, ties are notably profitable in this game, and they can be worth upwards of 11:1 if you bet this way.


Katti is an Indian game, and many consider it to be a direct Andar Bahar variant. Thirteen cards are selected from the deck and are placed face down. One will be chosen (by the player) as the Joker Card. You will also draw an Indicator Card, which will determine which side gets the all-important first card. From there on out, the game is played out as normal.

Live Dealer, Casino Andar Bahar

Of course, Live Dealer Andar Bahar or Live Casino Andar Bahar is effectively the same game we’ve already discussed in this article. The only difference is that you’re playing over a live internet video stream with a real-to-life human dealer. Most games take place in English, although some Hindi versions are available out there. Side bets may or may not be available depending on the software provider behind your game.

Top Tips for Playing Andar Bahar Online

Top Tips for Playing Andar Bahar Online

Andar Bahar is mostly a game of luck, which is why many beginners like it. Even though there’s a lot of chance involved, here are five simple tips to improve your odds:

  1. Often bet on the hand that gets the first card (usually the Andar hand) as it has a slightly better chance of winning.
  2. Be cautious with side bets. If you do try them, make sure you know their payouts and winning odds.
  3. Don’t bet big in pure luck games. Other games might give better returns than Andar Bahar.
  4. Some rare versions of Andar Bahar don’t take a commission and pay 1:1. If you find one, check its rules because they might have other differences.
  5. Before betting, see which hand gets the first card, as it can influence your chances and potential winnings.

Where to Play Andar Bahar Online

Now that you know what Andar Bahar brings to the table, it is time to bet on this classic Indian game. Where do you begin? Well, that depends on what you want to play. The basic game can be found at virtually all major Indian casino sites. However, if you want to play live dealer Andar Bahar, or any of the variants discussed above, you’ll need to factor that into your decision before playing.

Examples of gameplay Andar Bahar

Game Example 1:

  1. Dealing the Middle Card (Joker Card): The dealer draws a ‘King of Hearts’ as the middle card.
  2. Players’ Bets: Players place their bets. Some predict the next ‘King’ (regardless of the suit) will be on the Andar side, while others bet on the Bahar side.
  3. Dealing Cards: The dealer starts dealing cards alternately to the Andar and Bahar sides.
  4. Outcome: The fifth card dealt on the Bahar side is the ‘King of Clubs’. Thus, those who bet on Bahar win.

Game Example 2:

  1. Dealing the Middle Card: The dealer draws a ‘2 of Spades’ as the middle card.
  2. Players’ Bets: Players make their predictions and place their bets.
  3. Dealing Cards: The dealer starts the process.
  4. Outcome: The third card dealt on the Andar side is the ‘2 of Diamonds’. Players who bet on Andar win this round.

Game Example 3:

  1. Dealing the Middle Card: The dealer draws a ’10 of Diamonds’.
  2. Players’ Bets: Players choose their sides and place their bets.
  3. Dealing Cards: The dealer deals the cards, one by one, alternately.
  4. Outcome: The ’10 of Spades’ appears as the second card on the Bahar side. Bahar betters win.

Remember, the suit of the card doesn’t matter; players are trying to predict which side will receive a card with the same rank as the middle card.

How to download app Andar bahar to mobile devices ?

To download the Andar Bahar app to your mobile device, you would typically follow these steps. Please note, however, that the exact method may vary based on the device you’re using (Android or iOS) and where you’re downloading the app from:

For Android:

  1. Google Play Store: Google Play Store didn’t allow real money gambling apps in many countries. If you’re trying to get a game version just for fun, then:
    • Open Google Play Store.
    • Search for “Andar Bahar”.
    • Find the app in the search results and tap on it.
    • Tap “Install”.
  2. Directly from the Casino Website (If it’s a gambling app):
    • Visit the casino’s official website on your mobile browser.
    • Look for a link to download the Android app, often found at the bottom or in a mobile menu.
    • Download the APK file and open it.
    • You might need to enable installations from unknown sources in your phone’s security settings.

For iOS:

  1. Apple App Store:
    • Open the App Store.
    • Search for “Andar Bahar”.
    • Find the app in the search results and tap on it.
    • Tap “Get” or the cloud icon to download.
  2. Directly from the Casino Website (If it’s a gambling app):
    • Visit the casino’s official website on your mobile browser.
    • Look for a link to download the iOS app.
    • Follow the prompts to download and install.

Important: Always ensure you’re downloading apps from trusted sources. If it’s a real money gambling app, make sure you are abiding by your local laws and regulations concerning online gambling.

Indian Card Games: A Quick Dive into Tradition and Fun

India, with its rich cultural tapestry, has gifted the world with many intriguing card games. These games are popular at events and parties in India. They’re not only fun but also show India’s love for games of skill and luck. Let’s take a quick look at some of these card games:

  1. Pool Rummy: One of the many variants of the classic Rummy game, Pool Rummy is unique because players get eliminated if their points reach a preset limit, like 101 or 201. The game is typically played until only one player remains, claiming the pool prize.
  2. Bhabhi Card Game: Bhabhi is a fun-filled game where the objective is to avoid being the last person left with cards. A player passes cards of the same value to others, and the process continues until someone can’t play a card, forcing them to pick up the entire pile.
  3. Satte Pe Satta: Translated to “Seven on Seven”, this game is akin to the card game ‘Sevens’. Players lay down cards in sequence, trying to get rid of their hand. The significant catch? The next player can only play the card that’s immediately higher or lower in rank than the last played card, and the 7 of hearts starts the game.
  4. Knock Rummy: A variant of the classic Rummy, in Knock Rummy, players don’t wait until they form complete sets or runs to go out. Instead, they can ‘knock’ to end the round if they believe they have fewer unmatched cards than at least one of their opponents.
  5. Jhandi Munda: While not a card game, it’s worth mentioning this traditional Indian dice game. Six dice with symbols (instead of numbers) are rolled, and players bet on which symbol will appear face up the most. Its simplicity combined with the thrill of chance has made Jhandi Munda an enduring favorite.

These games, deeply rooted in Indian culture, offer not just amusement but also a chance to bond with friends and family. Whether you’re looking for strategic gameplay or just a bit of luck-driven fun, India’s card (and dice) games have something for everyone.

FAQ: Andar Bahar

It is understandable if you still have questions about playing Andar Bahar. If that’s the case, there is every chance we can help you via this short FAQ guide.

Do all Indian casinos offer Andar Bahar ?

Yes, almost all of them. Since games like this attract beginners and are profitable for casinos, most Indian sites offer at least one version of this game.

Is it possible to play Andar Bahar in casino tournaments ?

It’s uncommon to find specific Andar Bahar tournaments. However, some casinos might have “table game tournaments” where you can play Andar Bahar.

Can I play Andar Bahar on mobile devices ?

Yes, you can. Most game developers create mobile-friendly versions. Andar Bahar is easily available on both mobile apps and browser-based casinos.

Does betting on Andar Bahar help me clear wagering requirements on bonuses ?

That’s down to where you play. Some casinos say that games of chance such as this don’t count towards wagering requirements. Others are more flexible. Check your casino bonus terms and conditions and look for game eligibility rules to find out for sure.

Does Andar Bahar support progressive jackpot side bets ?

No. Or at least, we’ve never seen a game that has a progressive jackpot. Of course, we’re sure if software developers wanted to find a way to make that happen, then they could do it.

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